About the taaleb system

Taaleb is a Web site used by all pillars of the educational; that is 'students, teachers, parents and the education institutes. The system is becoming one of the most important education infrastructures in the region.

Developed to provide educational, learning and training programs via the Internet with other potential outsourcing system. It is enriched with electronic content such as programs, products and services which are necessary for students in the development of their skills.

The system allows the educational administration to publish homework, weekly lesson plan, exam dates, school activities, student behaviors and progress report directly into the website which is fully automated, in addition the system also providing educational materials and guidance.

All these benefits just through a special account for every individual school, parent, student and teacher. Guardian will receive the latest updates about school activates and be informed all the details related to the child on a daily basis. Also parent can communicate with the schools and teachers at any given time of school working hours. Through Taaleb, a student can use the available tools and training to develop skills and gain better educational knowledge and scientific abilities.


TAALEB is used by 50,000+ teachers


TAALEB is used by 500+ schools

Students + parents

TAALEB is used by 500,000+ parents