The project aims to reach these objectives

  • Overcome the limitations of space and time in the educational process.
  • Spreading the culture of self-study to the students.
  • Enable students to have the processes of learning in a suitable environment for them and to develop them self according to their own abilities.
  • Use of variety, more accurate and fair methods to evaluate a student progress.
  • Bridge the communication gap between a student, the parent and a teacher, so that all parents and students are always in a comfort zone with the teaching staff.
  • Enable student to receive the scientific materials in the manner which commensurate with his abilities through visual media, audible media, printed copies and so on.
  • Emphasis on the shared responsibility between the school, family and society for achieving the goals of educating the kids.
  • Improve the performance of teachers and raise their productivity level through training and motivation.
  • Share experiences between teachers and educational institutions.
  • Reduce the administrative burden for the teacher.
  • Increase Technological literacy among all members of the educational departments.
  • Expanding the sources of learning to be not limited to textbooks and teachers' guidance only.
  • Providing a huge balance and renewed scientific content and the past exams and tests for each course and the historical data of any course which can be developed and improved and more effective ways of teaching.
  • Make the Educational process simpler and easier.